I write blog posts about personal development and building a worldview as a creative.

I also create illustrations to represent and better understand my own thoughts and ideas.

I also just make illustrations because it’s fun.

My objective is to share my thoughts until the process of sharing them becomes less uncomfortable.

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About Ben

Ben is an independent artist based out of Buffalo, New York. Ben focuses his creative pursuits on illustration, painting, design, and writing/producing music. All while writing about the trials and tribulations on being a modern day creative and publishing these writings regularly to his blog.

Commissions are regularly open. If interested, contact Ben at bgreenman7@gmail.com

Latest from the Blog

I Drew A Hand Today

I try to draw different things to get better at drawing. The human figure is not my thing but here’s a video of me being me.

Consistency Doesn’t Produce Quality Unless Quality is Valued

I’ve been posting to my blog here on a daily basis. I’ve done so for about a week in a row so far and I’ve noticed that it’s not that hard to do once you make it a non-negotiable. But consistently creating doesn’t make you a better creator unless quality is something that you’re focused…

The Moment

It’s easy, especially when working a 9-5, to get sucked into the concept that Monday-Friday, our lives revolve around work and anything else is just recouperation time. But even the busiest beavers have a lot of time outside of their professional lives, they just have to remind themselves sometimes. When in pursuit of something that’s…