So often, I feel like all the things that I do in life have to look like this.

It’s great when starting out because you don’t have a whole lot of expectations on your shoulders. It doesn’t take much to go from level 0 to level 1, so it serves as an inspirational “nudge” to get you to take action.

But what happens after you’ve been taking action everyday for a month or two?

All of a sudden you’ve comfortably achieved that level one status and maybe even gotten pretty close to level 2.

But you’ve put in the time, and reps everyday….Now you’re expected to start scaling upwards, right?

Gone are the days of minimal effort yielding noticeable results. We’re in the perseverance stretch.

My track record has shown that I have A LOT to learn from this period of un-noticeable progress. these are some of my observation thus far.

  • Patience is vital.
  • You’re working for the entire process, not just the result.
  • All we can do is take action.

I want to throw away the first graph for the time being.

It may feel like you’re not moving up or down on the vertical axis, you’re just moving in a consistent flat line to the right and that’s okay. That’s actually a greatly underestimated place to be.

If you flip that first graph upside down, we see that over time our success falls when out consistency falters (and it falls quickly).

So let’s ignore the vertical axis and focus solely on the horizontal.

Put one foot in front of the other and focus on taking action on a consistent basis.

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