Imagine this scenario:

It’s nighttime, you step onto your lamplit street, and it’s snowing.

The cold and the silence create an almost un worldly scene of serenity

The snow in front of you is so clean, so fresh and level – It’s beautiful. A step into that perfect layer of fluff feels as if it should be full of fear.

Fear to destroy the seemingly perfect.

But it’s not.

For some reason  instead, it’s satisfying. As if you’re taking a clean slate and leaving your mark on it.

Each crunch under your boot is a new step towards progress with accompanying evidence left behind.

Sometimes this is what life feels like.

A step towards growth feels like it should be unnatural and wrong. Like you’re messing with the balance of things. But you need to break that barrier in order to move.

So take the leap.

Put one foot in front of the other and enjoy every crunching step along the way. Take in the beauty of the untouched path ahead of you but don’t forget to look behind you every once in a while to take note of how far you’ve come.

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