Yesterday I wrote about slowing down and enjoying the moment.

But I also mentioned in passing a step to slowing down that I think deserves it’s own reflection:

“Take note of what you’ve already accomplished.”

Life moves fast and it’s so easy to notice all of the things that we could potentially achieve with our time, which is great! Life is meant to be nurtured and grown toward bigger and better things than what you currently have.

As my friend Paul Lecrone recently wrote about in his blog post about change,

“We should always be striving. Always be moving. Always be changing.”

But with this mindset, how are we to ever be happy with ourselves? Where do we find the satisfaction that we know life can provide?

It’s hard to find fulfillment through growth, while we are growing.

Where do we land?

I don’t have a clear answer for you. My best shot would be to “figure it out for yourself.”

But that’s not good writing…so here’s what I do.

I want to be in constant motion: striving, changing, growing. Complacency breeds bad thoughts and bad habits so I generally try to steer clear and take action.

This constant action forces me to focus on only what is ahead and nothing that’s behind me. This works out well for forgetting that horribly embarrassing thing that I said when I was 6 years old….but it also makes me forget the simple wins that I achieve on a daily basis.

At the end of the day I can only think of what I have yet to achieve and this often often feels kind of like failure.

Whenever I feel like this, I make a list.

Today I:

✔ Wrote a blog post

✔ Worked out

✔ Read for 40 minutes

✔ Spent time with loved ones


Once I start rolling off the things that I’ve accomplished that I value and am proud of…


Fulfillment and satisfaction through growth.

Growth is a great thing. But don’t let it consume you. Take some time to recognize all the work you put into achievement and be proud of yourself. Then, get right back to it.

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