I often think that I have a problem when I feel…well…not fulfilled.

Like I’m not accomplishing anything or that I’m empty.

It’s a weird thing about being human because we often pat ourselves on the back for having ambition, but where does the line get drawn for having too much ambition?

When do we finally find the space to simply…relax?

Tonight, I realized that it all starts with that feeling. That lack of fulfillment.

Like I said, I feel like I have a problem when I don’t feel fulfilled. I feel like there’s something wrong with me and that I need to fix it immediately. Almost as if I’m running away from the bad feeling that’s presenting itself.

The thing about bad feelings is that they’re usually trying to tell us something.

Bad feelings shouldn’t be dwelt on but they should at the very least be acknowledged.

Usually when I feel unfulfilled, I need to (at the very least) acknowledge that there may be a flaw with my priorities. That I may be longing for something that I’m not devoting the time to or spending all my available time on things I don’t truly care for.

This flaw in intentions results in “never enough” syndrome (aka un-fulfillment) where no matter how much work you put into something, you never feel satisfied with it because you’re working towards the wrong thing.

Work shouldn’t have to be a vicious cycle.

We can work hard AND enjoy the fruits of our labor guilt free. We just have to find and set clear expectations for ourselves in order to do so.

This is exactly where my recent frustration and unfulfillment lead me, but it wasn’t quite so clear and consice. In fact, it felt a lot like my whole world was crumbling.

To emphasize my point, these bad feelings usually make us want to change things up and find a way to shake these feelings IMMEDIATELY because…well…they don’t feel good.

But these feelings usually have a lesson to teach us and more often than not, they’re buried a little bit deeper than surface level. These lessons require time, reflection, and patience. They won’t be patched up by an impulsive decision or a quick life hack.

So next time you’re feeling frustrated, take a moment to think.

Instead of running away from the feelings that are presenting themselves to you, figure out what they’re trying to tell you and what your next move should be long term.

There’s a little more than meets the eye with these bad feelings, you just have to give them a chance.

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