I have nothing to say.

I have nothing to teach.

Only things to figure out.

I often find myself teetering the edge of growth and progression. Always a little bit scared of moving forward because, “If I get anymore legitimate about this, people will expect me to have something to show for it.”

This kind of fear doesn’t do anything for us except stop us dead in our tracks.

It kills our dreams and ambitions. It cripples us and slowly turns us into the kind of person we always hoped we would never be.

I often feel this way about writing, but I don’t write to teach the world of my “extensive knowledge on life and all of its festivities.”

I write, not because I have something to say, but because I hope to to one day have something to say. Until then, I have a lot of blank documents to fill with my words, thoughts, and questions.

Call it imposter syndrome, writers block, or just “being a pansy”… Take that fear and tell it to go jump back up it’s mother.

You’re never going to get any better without action and repetition. Give yourself permission to ruthlessly pursue both without the fear of owing the world “something to say.”

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