If you want to get better at cooking, you cook.

If you want to get better at writing, you write.

If you want to get better at drawing than you draw.

You won’t always produce the result that you wanted, but your inevitable mistakes will give yourself space and an opportunity to create…Over, and over, and over again.

Having a desire to create and not taking action on it leaves you feeling empty. It fuels our fears and ignites our feelings of inadequacy.

It’s a feeling we all know well, a disconnect in our intentions. We say that we value one thing but our actions say something else. Why do we do this?

The answer is a myriad of different things. Fear, intimidation, and a lack of understanding of what we truly want (and why we want it) are three that come to mind pretty easily. But no matter the reason, all of these things encourage the same result…

A lack of action.

So let your days be filled, not with the ever looming question of “what if?” But with creation, cooking, drawing, writing, building and exploration.

Always be on some shit.

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