As I sit in my apartment next to my wife and newborn son, in a city we love, sipping on a latte that I was able to make myself. I realize that I can remember a not so distant time in my life where I so DESPERATELY longed for the life that I now have.

Not only that, but my life has been padded with millions of luxuries that I take for granted everyday (the roof over my head, the computer I’m typing on, the Chik-Fil-A I had for lunch yesterday, clean drinking water, a toilet to shit in).

But the minute these things become a reality to me, they’re no longer a luxury. They’re just apart of my daily life. They’re something to be expected and I’m entitled to them.

The problem is that this process repeats itself eternally. We never really hit a point in life when “enough is enough,” we’ll always just long for more. Even though I’m living the life of my dreams from just a few short years ago, it feels nothing like it. I’ve grown to want for more without acknowladging the things that I already have.

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