I’ve been posting to my blog here on a daily basis. I’ve done so for about a week in a row so far and I’ve noticed that it’s not that hard to do once you make it a non-negotiable. But consistently creating doesn’t make you a better creator unless quality is something that you’re focused on.

You have to value something in order to get better at it.

Sure I can post everyday and hone in my skill for consistency, but I’ve noticed that when consistency is the only thing thats valued, I’ll half-heartedly throw something together at the end of the night just to say that I posted that day. That’s not making me a better creator.

The debate is strong because consistency is a necessary skill. The ability to take action is far more valuable than being “good” at your craft and falling victim to inaction and laziness. But that shouldn’t be enough to satisfy you. You want to conquer consistency while striving to be the best you can possibly be.

You have to value what you want to get better at…sometimes that involves multitasking.

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